“Arthur Orfanos’ book, Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood is a phantasmagoric laser lit mine field of a memoir, a purgatorial odyssey through the nightmarish mythos of back stage rock n’ roll, a grotesque inferno littered with glittering graveyards overstuffed with rotting short circuited gods and unplugged disciples, a corrupt legacy of corporate fraud, personal betrayal, and a whoring of talent that would embarrass Judas.

And even though we stumble through this toxic dreamscape with our eyes burning our hearts are safe in the clean hands of our guide, Mr. Orfanos, for though he suffered much, all his wounds were redeemed by an indomitable conviction that true art can illumine the darker recesses of this world.”

Anthony James – Artist/Actor - In the Heat of the Night / High Plains DrifterUnforgiven

“As a New England-based musician and as someone who learned about the music business from the ground up, I read Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood… My life in a tribute band, the new book by Arthur Orfanos with great interest.

Having learned my trade in bars and roadhouses across the Northeast, what caught and held my interest was in reliving my own learning curve – remembering and learning how to navigate band conflict, dealing with agents and club-owners before I had either experience or leverage, and adjusting the very hopes and expectations that were my only fuel in the early years.

I enjoyed this book!  To some, the Pink Floyd element to story line might be main point of interest, but it was the ‘Rock & Roll University of Hard Knocks’ aspect that had me recalling things I forgot on my own journey.”

Charlie Farren – Farrenheit / Farren-Butcher Inc. / Joe Perry Project

"Arthur Orfanos' Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood is a fascinating chronicle of what happened to him as a singer-songwriter/front man/performer in the vicious, crooked - and still wonderfully beautiful - maelstrom of popular music. He was the co-founder of a successful 90's Pink Floyd Tribute band known as The Mood.

The book's center is the theft of the real Pink Floyd's own tapes and effects by a technician who had temporarily joined the band, and the court case that came out of it, turning everyone into enemies. For any musician or person interested in this business, it's a good read."

Andy Pratt – Singer/Songwriter

"Arthur Orfanos has put together an amazing story of truth, passion, heartache and reality of the music industry and what can occur when money and power are more important than creating, living life and simply loving what you do."

Kate Genovese – Author - Two Weeks Since My Last Confession


"Arthur writes one compelling story about the life and times of a tribute band. It's all here—the artistry, the politics, the dangers. For anyone thinking of starting or joining a band this book could serve as a primer on what to expect. It's also a touching personal story of struggle, hope and the love of music."

Jordan Rich – WBZ Radio 1030, Boston, MA

"Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood by Arthur Orfanos is a complicated and fascinating story of a man whose sole purpose was to start a Pink Floyd tribute band... The troubling part was the fact that, even though Orfanos reported the theft to many different people in a position to take action, no action was ever taken. In such a highly competitive business, this fact tends to make the reader wonder about the credibility of all the parties involved in the incident.

There is no doubt that this is a book to be pondered. If for nothing else, it challenges anyone interested in starting up a business to research and to use professional assistance in protecting all rights to intellectual property."

Readers Favorite.com

"Awesome Book!"

Guy Fieri – Chef/TV Host - Guy's Big Bite Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

"Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood, is a well documented read exposing all the machinations of some of the pitfalls of the modern music business and the skullduggery that goes on in it. It's the true story of youthful idealism vs. greed and corruption from someone who went through it all and wrote it all down... and involves, among others, a professor at the Berklee College of Music who was also a Kurzweil employee AND how Pink Floyd was robbed and didn't even know it!

Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood – "I unequivocally recommend it !"

Harvey Wharfield – Boston Radio - WVBF / WAAF / WCOZ / WZLX / WCGY, etc., etc...

"My impression is that, if even half this disturbing story is true, Mr. Orfanos was indeed both principled and naïve—and he’s still paying the price. Moral: don’t let this happen to you! When your instincts tell you to remove yourself from a bad situation, you would be well-advised to do so. Ultimately, what this morality tale depicts is not a fable but a hard-earned lesson of just how brutal the music industry can be."

The Noise Magazine – Boston, MA​

"Arthur Orfanos' book, Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood brought back painful memories and lessons learned of the inner workings of being in a band and the music business itself. From club owners who knowingly rip off their performing bands to the sibling rivalry that exists between band members, the story paints a realistic picture of life in a touring tribute band.

The back stabbing nature of the business coupled with the lack of ethical practice brings to light the truly 'Dark Side' of wanting to pursue your dreams and ambitions. Highly recommended for anyone about to venture down that road."

Robin Stone – Associate Professor, Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music

​"Just finished reading your book, Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood. I found it an insightful and compelling read, particularly in light of my own music career flight path. Congratulations on providing a portal into a world few have or will experience. Well done."

Jon Butcher – Jon Butcher Axis / Farren-Butcher Inc.

"I have just finished Arthur Orfanos' book and I can tell you it is a sincere journey from start to finish. I love this crazy business we work in called "the music industry," but there are experiences and people who make it disheartening at times. Arthur details some of these experiences in great detail as well as his ability to overcome these people and experiences. This book takes a fantastic look at the fact that it's humbling to be the "little guy" in this business and also what the business would be WITHOUT the little guy.

If you're looking for a great read with deep insight into the music business as well as the amazing capacity people have to try and pull the wool over other's eyes, make sure you check out Arthur's book, TRIBUTE: The Dark Side Of The Mood... My Life In A Tribute Band."

Chad Dyer – Naturally Wired Design Co.

"I was the lead singer/guitarist for The Machine for the first 24 years of it's existence. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for sending a copy of your book. I gave it a read and was interesting to hear your story and also how my band, as well as decisions that I made in my life, crossed paths with yours. I hope you are doing well these days. You brought back some memories for me of some of those days long ago. All the best."

Joe Pascarell –  The Machine

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