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“One of the guys who actually worked with them at Woodstock told us all about it one night while he was installing some custom made speaker cables for us. He told us how hectic it was, such as sleeping under the mixing board and waking up to legends like Keith Moon who was hammering on the drums, or telling his co-workers to wake him up when Jimi Hendrix came on stage because he was running sound for him. I felt honored to have someone with their expertise and accolades helping us.”

“I’ve heard a lot of different stories about bands just as famous as Pink Floyd who have had guns pulled on them by promoters, managers, and even at times record executives, to get on stage and play, or the tires of their buses getting shot out over similar situations, you know, things that actually happen in the music business, the things that they don’t tell you about on shows like American Idol.”

“Don bragged that they became friends and Jon used to call him many times when he needed Don’s help while having difficulty with certain Kurzweil programs. To me it sounded odd, this was his friend? What if he got into some kind of trouble over this? What if Jon Carin had shown him something he wasn’t supposed to and Don took advantage of him?”

“He played the entire sequence of “On the Run,” telling the others the exact same camping trip story we talked about when he first called me. We heard the VCS-3 synthesizer sequence that included an explosion right from the sound effects library at the infamous Abbey Road Studios.”

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When Pink Floyd embarked on a world-famous tour, little did they know that their security would be infiltrated; a Kurzweil employee sent in to conduct emergency repairs steals files directly from their equipment, from their stage, right from under their noses.

With the point and click of a mouse, copying and transferring files can be completed in moments. Music piracy and P2P file sharing, and identity theft are vastly familiar in today’s world: no one is ever completely safe. For Pink Floyd fans and music enthusiasts who have the passion for truth, this controversial story is now revealed.

Tribute: The Dark Side of The Mood is the first and only book on this subject. The author presents more than just a story about life in a tribute band but an educational journey of life lessons which exposes a colossal theft that millions of Pink Floyd fans were kept in the dark about—until now.